LLC Photo 11–25 years old: Honourable Mention (as a Reportage)


Strolling around St Thomas Bay in Marsascala is a treat. But what is the view from this bench? After the weekend, near this bench all you could see was rubbish! Pizza box, wrappers, beer cans and soft drink bottles. Why? The Maltese should be ‘staying home’ but some people are still going out and eating their ‘take-aways’ out in the fresh air. What they are NOT doing is disposing of their litter properly! All that rubbish can easily blow away in the sea! The disgrace of it all? The Marsascala Local Council have installed bins near EVERY BENCH! As you can see from the photos, there are bins everywhere so there is NO excuse not to dispose of the waste properly! Thumbs Up for the Local Council of Marsascala! Thumbs Down to the public who have forgotten how to use bins during this pandemic!

To report this incident about waste, we used our official fb page — this post engaged 106 people and had over 900 views! it was also featured by yre international on their fb page. we also received multiple comments by residents. we reported the incident to the local council who told us that the bins are cleaned once a week and that unfortunately this is a common occurrence. (let us know if you wish us to submit the email) our post was also shared on the blog of the year 8 students of our class. the year 8 class tutors are posting different blogs daily to engage with the students during quarantine. They also shared our posts as evidenced here: we also used our committee’s instagram page with the user: st_edwards_eco_skola


We all know that Cigarette Butts are one of the major culprits of Ocean Waste. In fact during our Clean Up Activity we saw many discarded cigarette butts in the sand and the surrounding garden area of Marsascala; St Thomas Bay. On the 4th May, we encountered this ‘phenomenon’. The bins are equipped with an ashtray for people to switch off their ‘stubs’ and afterwards dispose of the butt in the bin underneath. This helps to prevent fires. As you can see from the photos, many do not dispose of their cigarettes properly and leave them exposed to the elements. A simple gust of wind can easily push all those butts to the sea!

It is a pity that efforts are being made and yet our population still does not know how to use the resources available properly

4th May, Monday, Right after a long weekend in Malta. The Maltese people should still be spending time indoors to #staysafe , however are they? One of us visited St Thomas Bay, where we had done out Community Action Day and done a clean up activity in collaboration with MyCoke Malta as part of the #zerowastefuture programme and for the #litterlesscampaign . As you can see, there are waste separation bins. Unfortunately the bin for ‘Metal’ is being used here for everything BUT for metal. There is plenty of dirty, mixed waste all thrown together. It is a disgrace because now we should know well how to #sortitout ! If we stay home, we should be recycling our waste more easily and with ‘less excuses’. If we go out for a walk, we do not need to generate such an amount of waste either!!



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