Digital Pollution (Republic of Korea)

YRE Competition 2022- 2nd Place, Video 15–18 Years, Climate Change, Pollution

Our video, “Digital Pollution”, is related to the Sustainable Development Goal #12, which is “Responsible Consumption and Production”. As our video addresses the issue of digital pollution, while also informing the viewers of its effects, it raises awareness on how to be more responsible when consuming digital media. Additionally, it proposes multiple solutions for this problem of digital pollution and mentions how we can reduce the amount of CO2 emissions as well.

Team: Environmental Guardians

Leader: Julia Cho (Seoul Foreign School)

Members: Kristine Lee (Seoul Scholars International Art and Design), Irene Kim (Seoul Scholars International Art and Design), Peter Lee (Crescenta Valley High School), Junho Choi (St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju)



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